About This Board Game

Indiana Jones Sands of Adventure

Time is running out! It’s up to Indiana Jones and his friends to rescue the Ark of the Covenant before it falls into the wrong hands!

Scour ancient Tanis to find the elusive relic, while building up your strength and resources. But beware—if the sand timer suddenly swings over, it triggers a race to survive! Battle the scheming Colonel Dietrich, the dangerous Major Toht, and the ruthless Dr. René Belloq to save the Ark!

  • 4 sculpted figures and original art depicting the beloved characters,  exciting scenes, and fearsome snakes of the Indiana Jones films.
  • Includes swinging sand timer that flips when filled with gems!
  • Race against the sand in suspenseful, cooperative gameplay!
  • Variable setup and unique character powers change the game each time you play!

Age Range